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Ventura Urn

$220 $599

Temple Jars & Urns come in a range of hues, but the blue-and-white motif is one of the most popular and the most inspiring. The Ventura Urn with its sleek blue and white design delivers a major impact and will create a beautiful focal point for any space. 

When decorating your home with a temple jar or urn, the bigger the piece, the greater the presence. The Ventura Urn is a stunning piece, standing at an impressive 118cm in Height, this beautiful refreshingly elegantly designed piece will display magnificently in the corner of a room or in an entryway. 


  • Ceramic urn in blue and white
  • 32cm Diam x 118cm Height

Attica sources the Ventura Urn from Cafe Lighting & Living. 

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