Bohemia Square Cut Whiskey Decanter 800ml

Classically designed, this crystal decanter makes a bold style statement, with its masculine square-cut styling and classic, timeless design it is the quintessential addition to any Home Bar. 

The Boston Crystal Decanter is just the thing to spice up your Home Bar and when filled with your favourite liquor, and presented in a stylish box, makes for the ultimate gift idea. 


  • Made of 24% Lead Crystal
  • Capacity: 800ml
  • Comes with ground stopper for perfect seal


Care instructions:

  • Wash your crystal in warm water with a mild detergent, and rinse with warm water.
  • Changes in temperature, such as going from very hot to cold could affect the crystal, and in some cases cause clouding or even cracking.
  • Dry with a soft clean lint free cloth or paper towels and never use anything abrasive on the piece.

Attica sources Home Bar Accessories from Bohemia Crystal.