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Attica now has Oxipay which gives you the option to Buy Now and Pay Later. Put simply one-quarter of the purchase price is paid at the time of purchase and then 3 remaining payments are made at 2-week intervals.

It's all interest-free and splitting payments over a 6-week term can make payments more manageable. Usually when buying a good for say $800, you would just pay $200 now and three subsequent payments of $200 over a 6 week period. This sounds fairly easy I'm sure. For goods with a value over $1000, you still can use Oxipay, however the amount borrowed is capped. See the example below: 




Example: Buying a good over $1000 (Brooklyn Drinks Trolley @ $1149). This is very cool drinks trolley can be bought on Oxipay. The deposit is simply $399. This is calculated as follows: $1149 (purchase amount) less $750 (3 repayments of $250), which equals $399. 

So initial payment $399 and 3 subsequent payments of $250 over 6 weeks. You get delivery of the product straight away and only pay the deposit of $399 upfront (plus shipping less possible discounts for joining up). Easy.. 







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