About Us

Attica is a Sydney-based family business and has grown organically from our home in Australia since 2014. At the heart of the Attica brand and at the core of our philosophy, is our stern belief that an appreciation of style, fine quality, authenticity as well as good living is the right of all individuals, not just the sole domain of a wealthy few. 

The Attica founding members have spent years abroad seeking out fine products, particularly in the Rajasthan region of India, where items such as handmade rugs, cushions, handcrafted décor and gem-stone encrusted marble tables have been carefully selected to be in the collection of items that can all be viewed on the Attica website. 

We hope that our commitment to delivering unique fine furniture and décor to our customers is achieved and that our customers can experience the same pleasure that we’ve had enjoying a world filled with beautiful things… All of which we hope make our journey in life just a little more enjoyable...

The Name "Attica"

Attica is the name of a historical state in Ancient Greece, famous for its unique style which included the Greek Key design. Our earlier products focused on a fusion between modern and old and the Greek Key design was a fabulous design that boded well with modern products.  At Attica we still have handwoven rugs exhibiting the Greek Key Design, an example is shown below: 
Greek Key Rug