January 16, 2019 2 min read

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Mirrors as a Chic Art Installation

Mirrors have a wonderful practical application, they allow for a last minute glance of yourself while you head out for the day and they can also add some much-needed light and depth to any room. Few people consider a mirror as a statement piece or as a chic art installation, but mirrors such as the starburst designed Spring Mirrors above can create an awe-inspiring display and when grouped in a set of two, can have a transformative impact that will likely inspire and captivate your guests.

Adding Light & Space

Bathroom Mirrors Online

Any discussion on Mirrors has to include the power mirrors have to add light and create the sense of additional depth to a room. A boldly framed mirror displayed above not only adds an alluring focal point for the bathroom, the natural light creates the illusion of additional space while leading to a brighter, more “beautiful” bathroom.  The Black Satin Marrakech Wall Mirror is a popular choice, a practical sized mirror and yet exudes an exotic Moroccan vibe, just the thing to spice up a bathroom!

Small bedrooms, hallways, and even dark corners can benefit from a floor mirror or a large wall mirror. For a small room with a tall ceiling, emphasising the “vertical” is a clever approach and adding a “tall” Floor Mirror can accentuate the size of the room while also ensuring the reflective qualities of the mirror create that illusion of additional depth.

Mirrors in an Entryway

Mirrors in an Entryway

The entryway of a home offers a prelude of what to expect, so making a fabulous first impression here is key to the creation of a complete home interior. Mirrors are fabulously versatile objects and placed in an entryway the result can be magical.

Where entryways are lacking in light a large wall mirror looks fabulous when placed on or above a chic console table or buffet, and creates that wonderful first impression for guests as well as adding some much-needed light.

Above to the left is a Malvern Wall Mirror above a Black Stamford Console Table with a matching Black Hexx Table Lamp and completed with a White Dixie Stool creating the finishing touch.

Above to the right is the Franklin Wall Mirror on the Dallas Console Table with a White Paola Table Lamp making for a stunning first impression when placed in an entryway.